After the installation of BENS Fuel Booster, for example on an auto, we feel the machine "lighter". The engine presents greater elasticity, specially in low turns, while it appears more willing to raise turns.

As long as we cover more kilometers, so the phenomenons are coming more intense.

After the use of 2-3 tanks, we have the 100% of the results and the idle comes back to the turns that the construstor has regulate, that means about 50 turns lower.

Also, the rempriz, the torque, the horse power have increased minimum 5% up to 7%, the final speed minimum 5klm up to 15klm and it is observed reduction of the consuction to the vehicles minimum 15% up to 35%, while to the boilers minimum 20% up to 45%.

In this point, we must point that, as a company, we believe that an equally important result is the dramatic reduction of the exhaust.

The reduction's percentages of the harmful exhaust that are emitted from a vehicle or a boiler are spectacularly, minimum 40% up to 95% !